The following was submitted via’s feedback page earlier today:

December 22, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

Seasons’ Greetings! I am writing on the subject of the league’s very innovative NHL Player Sites network promotional feature that is included at the top of every official NHL team and league Web site. I have followed closely the expansion of the network from its well-deserving original member, the oft-overlooked Sidney Crosby, to the current venerable lineup of Ed Belfour, Raffi Torres, and Kevin Weekes.

While the choices made thus far deserve nothing but accolades, I would like to submit a site as consideration for the next addition to the NHL Player Sites network:

Following are several reasons why I believe Alexander Steen and his Web site would be a stellar addition to the NHL Player Sites network:

  • Alexander is a young, fast-rising star-in-the-making with arguably the league’s most recognized and respected organization, the 11-time Stanley Cup champion Toronto Maple Leafs (13 if you count the two won by the Arenas and St. Pats).
  • In his two seasons on the club, Alexander has quickly established himself as one of the two best Swedish forwards on the team.
  • Alexander’s versatility epitomizes the type of values that the NHL embraces. For example, last year, he scored 18 goals and was a regular offensive force. This season, he has embraced a defense-first role with dogged determination, as evidenced by his recent run of 27 straight games without scoring a single goal.
  • Along with father Thomas, he is part of the first Swedish father-son team to score goals in the NHL.
  • The site loads very, very quickly.
  • Alexander and his site have broad appeal to the vibrant NHL fan base in Canada. Not only does Steen play for the country’s most celebrated and beloved franchise (the 11-/13- time Stanley Cup Champion Toronto Maple Leafs), but his site also comes in a Canadian version, available at
  • In closing, thank you in advance for giving careful consideration to my request to have Alexander Steen’s added to the NHL Player Sites network.


    Johnny Bluebud

    P.S. — If you ever expand the network to include retired players, I urge you to consider the very informative and content-rich

    P.P.S — I also see you have an Affiliate Sites network. I believe would be a strong addition there.


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